Case Studies

Nonprofit Fundraising and Strategy

Case Studies 1

Worked with youth-oriented nonprofit to raise over $500K in new funding from public and private sources.  Advised and directed senior leadership on strategic alignment and goal setting to increase corporate participation.  Ongoing support provided for building brand equity, creating partnerships and developing marketing materials.

Business Development

Case Studies 2

Worked with precision ag startup to identify partnership opportunity with large ICT company.  Facilitated introductions and created engagement strategy leading to sales and network integration increasing brand awareness and marketability multifold increasing sales funnel opportunities dramatically.  

Sales & Partnership Development

Case Studies 3

Reporting directly to the Chief Content Officer and Head of Sales for a major international consulting and event planning enterprise, created new sponsorship relationship, developed strategic relationships with major research institutions and recruited subject matter experts raising revenue, brand awareness, and ICT sector participation.

Coalition Building and Advocacy

Case Studies 4

Created effective campaigns to reduce regulatory overhang on businesses, managed multi-million dollar philanthropy budget, and engaged with public officials, CXOs and VIPs from a broad cross section of constitutions protecting and promoting muliti-billion dollar revenue generating enterprise  in major metropolitan city