Instrumental Leader

Instrumental Leader 1

John Jefferson has been a leader and instrumental stakeholder related to the development of Agriculture IoT initiatives.

John has gone far above and beyond the call of his role as a Director of State Legislative and Regulatory affairs to bring attention to IoT leadership on the substantial and immediate IoT opportunity within the Agriculture ecosystem.

John has successfully leveraged existing and has developed new relationships with key Agriculture trade groups, growers, and technology providers.

John’s ability to build and evangelize AT&T’s Agriculture story has directly resulted in the creation of new opportunities and key strategic wins in LTE-M connectivity, IoT Platforms, Vertical Solutions, and Professional Services.

Patrick Llewellen

Strategy & Partnership

Strategy & Partnership 2

John has been incredible in forming our fundraising strategy and helping to implement it. He also helps to build new partnerships with various organizations. He is passionate about his work and is resourceful and is work.


Johannes Swart

Help creating opportunities

Help creating opportunities 3

John has been an incredible partner over the last 4.5 years and is particularly skilled at creating opportunities from the ground up. He has been both an advocate and an advisor and has helped mentor and coach Summer Search in our efforts to build meaningful relationships with corporate partners. John has excellent insights into the best ways to navigate complex business networks and is a pleasure to work with 

Stacy Levitt Barr

Entrepreneurial Mindset

John saw something in WaterBit when we were just 5 people; from that base, he persisted and helped develop the relationship with WaterBit and ATT that continues publicly and independently today. As a corporate executive with an entrepreneurial mindset, he helped us navigate the engagement process, helping both sides understand the value that could be created together. Throughout this process, his integrity and follow through was clear and unwavering and were instrumental in building the confidence needed in both parties to move forward.   

Manu Pillai,
Founder of Waterbit Inc.